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Professional Concepts & Consultation/Quotes
From the first time Taylor's Landscaping steps on to your property, they will help you achieve your vision and provide all the necessary information and ideas to bring your landscaping dream to life.

Whether it's a simple landscape design layout or more detailed plan, Taylor's Landscaping will walk you through your grounds to map out the various components of the design - providing a "rough sketch" to visually define the design and yardage before commencing work.

Lawn Installation & Maintenance/Excavation
Whether it's a lawn mowing contract, upkeep or land excavation, Taylor's Landscaping can adapt their services to fit your need. For lawn installation or hydroseeding, we use a minimum of 4" - 6" of screened topsoil for all new lawn installations to assure a quality lawn for many years and a high grade Kentucky Blue Grass sod (New Brunswick Quality Turf) that is grown in the Fredericton area and cut on the day of delivery.

A high-grade starter fertilizer is used on your new lawn to allow the sod to root easier and deeper with proper watering.

All lawn installation projects receive two free applications of high grade commercial fertilizer for the first season.


Decorative Detail
Retaining Walls, Walkways & Patios
 Taylor's Landscaping can help you embellish your landscaping dream whether it be an engineered precast concrete or large block retaining wall, flowing stone walkway or an interlocking brick patio - adding the perfect touch to showcase your home and enhance the outside as a beautiful liveable space!

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